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Catering Menu 

All menu items are made from scratch daily

Menu items and prices are subject to change.

• Chicken Breast Sofrito, Smoked Pork, Beef and Cheddar, and Veggie Arepas.

Savory Venezuelan Griddled Corn Cakes stuffed with slow roasted meats, topped with our famous creamy cilantro jalapeno “Kicky” Sauce.

The Best Dang Veggie Burger - Our homemade blend of lentils, mushrooms, onions, leeks and walnuts with our white truffle aioli.



Local Organic Stone Ground Cheese Grits - topped with Bacon

 Oven Roasted Potatoes - served with white truffle aioli for dipping

 Chilled Black Eye Pea Salad - with shaved red onion, organic tomatoes, and basil in a vinagrette

 Fresh Herb Cole Slaw- Fresh grated cabbage mixed with our house made mayo, fresh lime juice, honey

    and fresh herbs.


 Cream soda, Diet Black Cherry soda, Lemonade, Root Beer,Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Water.


WOW! Food Truck Catering -  Suggested Packages

$12.00 per person 

Option 1
–  2 Arepas  + 1 Side

 $12.50 per person

Option 1 - One Bowl (See regular menu) + one arepa

Option 2 - One Bowl + 1 side

$14.00 per person

Option 1 – Unlimited Arepas + Drink

Option 2 - One bowl + 1 side + Drink

Option 3 - One bowl + 1 arepa + a drink

$15.50 per person

Option 1- One bowl + 1 arepa + 1 side

Option 2- One bowl + 2 sides

$17.50 per person

Option 1 – Unlimited Arepas + 1 Side + Drink

Option 2 – 2 Arepas + 2 Sides and Drink

Option 3 - One bowl, 1 side, 1 arepa + Drink

$21.50 per person

Option 1 – All you can eat and drink full menu.

General Information:

$1000 minimum for catering events during the week.

$1250 minimum for catering events during the weekend.

  • 8% Sales tax not included in pricing
  • The truck requires a space 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, flat surface for parking
  • 18% service charge not included in pricing.
  • $2.00 pp for additional drinks
  • Add desserts for $1.50 pp
  • All contracted catered events have a 2 hour service window. 

The catering packages listed above are suggestions. We will be glad to work with you to create a catering package specific to your needs.

Contact Information:

WOW! Food Truck Atlanta

Phone: 404.626.0390404.626.0390