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Once upon a time, several years ago Wendy Cross was visiting her brother in NYC.  She asked him where she could go to get a quick bite that was really good but wouldn't break the bank.  He quickly replied that there was an arepa bar around the corner and she should check it out.  After realizing that the word "arepa" wasn’t some sort of sophomoric attempt of him being funny, she found herself at the little restaurant eating her first arepa.  “WOW!  These are amazing” were the first words she exclaimed after her first bite.  Wendy wondered… why isn’t any one making these in Atlanta?!!  She knew at that moment, it would be her mission to bring these wonderful savory stuffed corn cakes to her peeps in the ATL. Wendy started to sell her arepas as a special at a local restaurant while the truck was getting ready for its big debut, and after selling out the first day, She knew they were onto something good, and the rest as they say, is history.